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Dissecting Forceps, Straight

Dissecting Forceps, Straight

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Product Name:Dissecting Forceps, Straight Brand: SHREK Application: Laparoscopy Surgery

product description

1.There are various types of forceps,you can choose what you want.
2.Made of stainless steel,flexible and durable.
3.With lock and without lock.


Product code Product name Spec QTY
BA5021.1-BA5022 Scissor 5×330mm, Straight,double -action,single -action,Curved double-action 1pc
BA5027-BA5029 Dissecting forceps 5x330mm, Straight,Curved,Curved 90° angled 1pc
BA5047.1/BA5039 Grasping forceps 5×330mm  Double curved ,duck-mouth 1pc
BA5067 Appendix grasping forceps 5×330mm   fenestrated 1pc
BA5059 Gallbladder grasping forceps 5×330mm 1pc
BA5043 Fixation grasping forceps 5×330mm 1pc
BA5048 Grasping forceps with 2+3 tooth 5×330mm 1pc
BA5045 Grasping forceps 5×330mm backward tooth 1pc
BA5040 Atraumatic grasping forceps 5×330mm 1pc
BA5061 Oviduct ligature forceps 5×330mm 1pc
BA5062 Mesentery grasping forceps 5×330mm 1pc
BA5053 Grasping forceps 5×330mm Rough tooth 1pc
BA5058(L)/BA5058.1(S) Biopsy forcep 5×330mm with eyetooth 1pc
BA5040.1/BA5041/BA5041.1 Atraumatic grasping forceps 5×330mm 1pc
BA5078 Tying forceps 5×330mm (type B) 1pc
BA5050 Grasping forceps 5×330mm Blunt 1pc
BA5038 Intestinal forceps 5×330mm without tooth 1pc
BA5073 Mesentery grasping forceps 5×330mm with tooth 1pc
BA5037 Atraumatic grasping forceps 5×330mm hollow 1pc
BA5047 Grasping forceps with 2+3 tooth  5×330mm  1pc

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