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full HD 1080

Endos Full HD Camera

The new family of full HD resolution endoscopic camera systems offers best image quality combined with image and video capture mode.

Endos Full HD Camera

Cold Light Source

Cold light source bulbs are light bulbs made by the principle of fluorescence or phosphorescence. The cold light source basically has no heat radiation under normal operation, so it is called cold light.

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More solutions for the medical industry Customer challenges There is an urgent need to use technology to modernize healthcare services.

Product description:Through a small incision for cosmetic purposes Application:Double eyelid shaping, Pouch remov

Cosmetological Endoscope Complete Set

Cervical spondylosis cervical, Lumbar disc Herniation, Discogenic low back pain, Lumbar disc herniation with lumbar later

PTED Complete Set

Hysteroscopy is a new and minimally invasive gynecological diagnosis and treatment technology, which is a fiber light sou

Integrated solution for Hysteroscopy

Laparoscopy is an instrument with a miniature camera. Laparoscopic surgery is performed using laparoscopy and its associa

Laparoscopic Supporting Solutions

Otolaryngology endoscope is a kind of optical equipment in otolaryngology department. The whole process of digital contro

Otolaryngology Surgery and Examination Supporting Solutions

Osteoarthritis synovitis, Synovial chondromatosis, Traumatic arthritis, Patellomalacia,Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteophyte (

The Overall Matching Program of Arthroscope

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